Some Memes For 2020

You all know agent 007, fighting bad guys, being surrounded by beautiful women all the time. But I think that in today’s society, Agent 24/7 is much more appreciated.

Sure, the other might save the world from nuclear winter, but can he get you a warm coffee in the middle of the night, while you’re drunk and trying to find your way home. I think NOT, so it’s easy to see, who’s the bigger hero here.

We have some laughs here, but in all seriousness, you should be careful when cutting cheese. Why? There’s a monster hiding in one of these things, it won’t harm you, don’t worry. But he does like cheese.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon when you start seeing faces in inanimate objects. Why is this happening? The best explanation is that it helped us in the past to recognize threats and other humans in the dark. But I think after that this “Skill” went kind of crazy and evolved with us.

So no, I’m not crazy for seeing Jezus face in my coffee every morning, no, I’m crazy for different reasons – for making some memes.

Some Memes
Agro Flower
Some Memes
Who’s there?

Another thing this year, we need to have a slogan. While the year was actually shitty we still need to come up with something. Just imagine thinking about your problems and asking why, the only answer, a black woman with a soft and caring voice going “2020 Honey”.

Some Memes

Also, who can forget the most anticipated movie of the year: They’re fast, they’re cute, and they will fight to the end. Steven Spielberg presents Mortal Wombat.

For my final trick, here’s a cat that doesn’t particularly give a shit about what is happening in the world around it. So be like this cat, you can’t control everything in your life, the toughest lesson can sometimes be to realize what you can’t change and don’t give a shit about it.

Some memes

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