Stupid Hat Tuesday Project

While studying at Kauno Kolegija in the final year, I and my buddy were partying a bit too much. One morning, we realized that, well, we’re still drunk after last night, so the decision – take a sombrero and a beer hat to the exams. And everyone was kind of okay with the idea, even our mentors.

We’ll we liked the idea so much that we created a plan – Every Tuesday we would buy or rent matching hats, and we would spend the entire day with them. Also doing things connected to the style (like firing toy guns with cowboy hats, or using Rrrrrrr when dressed as a pirate)

Every week it was different – pirate, Vikings, cowboys…

We called it – Stupid Hat Tuesday!

The weird thing is that most of our mentors were in on the joke, they would ask what hats would be next week or would talk with us about what we should bring. Did we looked stupid? Yes…. absolutely, but I think we gave people some laughs at least. 

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