Password – More like Passwhore…

Password – More like Passwhore – Oh, the thing I love about user interface design?

Well, it’s simple, I love when a website asks you to create a password with a simple form, just name, email, and a password, no other information. You create the password you like.
Ups, sorry, actually the password needs to have at least one uppercase letter.

Fine, there, my new password with an uppercase letter.
Sorry mate, the password also needs to have a special character in it.

Damn, if only there was a way to give these requirements to the user before trying to come up with a password. If only our civilization would be advanced enough to have a text-box, or, oh my god a hover toolbar…nah, this is just some dreams of a fool.

Password - More like Passwhore

Oh and you know that wonderful feature that everyone loves when you create your password and all the letters are hidden? Boy do we love it, especially when I need to create complex passwords, I love not being able to check whether I made a typo or not. We all know that most of the time you’re creating your accounts when someone is watching over the shoulder.

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