Pawderful Doggy Snack Commercials

Pawderful komanda nuvyko palepinti „Penktos kojos“ 🐶🐶 globotinių pilvukų sveikais, natūralios jautienos skanėstais. Kiekvienas pilvelis, nesvarbu kur jis begyventų, nusipelnė ne tik skanaus, bet ir sveiko kąsnio.

Pawderful, of course, has some bloopers, or as I like to call them Boopers because you want to just Boop their noses.

We also wanted to make a few “home” style commercials, so we deployed our tactical Doggy Odinas. There was a lot of drama and acting, but finally, we managed to get at least a few good shots.

And the second attempt to make our drama queen behave…

I lied, he got the best of us, and we just gave up and went with what Odinas wanted…


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