Short Random Thoughts

Poker Face – A face you make when you don’t want to reveal no hints about your thoughts or feelings.

Joker Face – A face you make when the joke wasn’t funny but you don’t want to hurt that person’s feelings.

Every WordPress plugin now – oh you want to have that function that you installed this plugin for? Well, let me tell you about our PRO version, it allows our plugin….to actually work…

Just a quote

To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do. – Vironika Tugaleva

Me when I was 15 – I should try to come up with video and story ideas constantly, improving my imagination so that I could be a better creator.

Me now – Please, I need to sleep, stop coming up with stupid ideas, no one needs a story where a chicken has to pretend to be a goose and infiltrate the Honk Mafia.

Lietuvos tėvai kiekvienam baliuje rodydami į vaiką – nu šitas va augintas kaip pasakoj, nė karto diržo negaves

God damn, smagu kad jei nuoširdžiaia masto jog “Nemušiau augindamas” yra auksinis standartas

I swear to God, 99.8% of all romance novels have the same freaking image – a guy and a girl that are soooo close to kissing… just add anything… anything apart from “in my book, there will be romance and passion”, well no shit sherlock, it’s in the freaking romance section…

Spiders are the weirdest creatures ever:
– We are naturally scared of them.
– They seem to appear from nowhere – like, bam there’s a spider web in your face.
– They’re super important to the ecosystem.
– If you look at the spider from a distance you’re like “Oh my god, it’s a monster, it’s going to kill me and my family”.
– If you look at it from really close you go “Awww that’s the cutest, yummiest little guy/girl in the whole existence, who made a great web, you did, yes you did”…

When I was little, my grandmother died, and for me, it was a weird thing to process. Living in a house where she has been for such a long time always felt… strange…

My parents would try to calm me down in the worst way, like saying “Your grandma is always with you, she’s watching you” and I was like – “What the fuck are you talking about Mom, she’s a fucking ghost, we should call an exorcist NOW!” –  basically I had problems understanding people.

The list of sounds I LOVE to hear at full volume in any show or YouTube video:

 Baby Crying

Phone Ringing

Police Sirens

Dogs Barking

Car Alarms

The more sounds and the longer you use it the more “Cool Sound Design” points you get. Especially if you make your actors mumble and whisper their lines, that’s just a great experience…

Oh and of course we need to use it at full volume, the sounds wouldn’t be understandable by any human being at low volumes. Sound design, what’s that? I swear I will kiss the person who invents SFX volume slider in movies. 

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