KDrew Music Video – Abandoned

Some music video projects are born when you have the track and then come up with the plot. Others, when you just film some random stuff and then find a song to accompany it. This was the latter because the first thing we did was went to XxxxX [Redacted for safety reasons] and film some random shots.

We did have some props, a gas mask, black lenses, a baseball bat, and some nerf guns that we just painted black. Not a lot, but it’s something you can work with. The building was an abandoned hospital or a nursing home, it had a library of old books in the basement, a theater on the second floor, and lots of roomy rooms. And since it was abandoned, but well, still kind of guarded, we had little time to do anything super complex.

It was settled, we did some make-up and headed up from top to bottom just messing around and filming everything. Well, it also did not help that it soon started to get dark and we did not have any external light source so it limited our possibilities. Having a battery-powered light is a real live saver. So here is the end result:

Of course the main problem with lots of my earlier videos, it’s too dark and overly saturated with effects or filters. You find a free overlays pack and you go wild with it, you know how it goes. Now I try to make sure my shots are at least understandable. Then it was great to at least make something.

No matter what it was fun using this abandoned place to shoot this. These places have their own history and crepy vibe. This really helps if you’re going with this kind of style, and back then I was very into this style.

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